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The new KRÖGER grabs.

Expertise, innovation and quality for outstanding handling performance. For 50 years, KRÖGER has been a specialist supplier of grabs in three important product segments: Cable, motor-driven and hydraulic grabs. For sand and gravel extraction, for cargo handling in ports and for refuse processing. Hydraulic systems are becoming more and more important, because time, money and maximum efficiency are also key factors in cargo handling operations.



KRÖGER repair service.

Swift response. Fast repairs. And a renewable guarantee.

KRÖGER grabs for zero maintenance and a long service life. However, parts of a grab may still be damaged: the grab jaws, the rope (guide)rollers or the suspension. For this reason, efficient technical service plays an essential role. Which pays off is ever damage occurs. KRÖGER technicians carry out repairs without delay. If required, even with a "renewable guarantee". (More)




KRÖGER Greifertechnik


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Special grabs for refuse-derived fuels.

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