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We understand what downtimes mean for our customers. For this reason, we develop and manufacture products which offer outstanding quality and rugged design.

Maintenance-free cable and motor-powered grabs are our contribution to help protect the environment and to achieve maximum efficiency. Maintenance-free design means: no lubricants, no lubrication intervals, no wear.

But even KRÖGER grabs cannot go without spare parts, inspections or even a minor repair when they are used in adverse conditions.


If necessary, we will be glad to assist you.

We always do our utmost to send you the required parts as quickly as possible. However, please bear in mind that delivery times may vary depending on the availability of certain parts and components and the location of the grab.

The use of genuine KRÖGER spare and wearing parts may ensure a lasting improvement in the performance of your grabs.

Please refer to the technical documentation of your grab for the relevant scope of supply for spare and wearing parts.


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Special grabs for refuse-derived fuels.

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