Neuigkeiten von KRÖGER Greifertechnik




KRÖGER Greifertechnik remains fully operational and reachable

26.03.2020 | Aktuelles_Englisch

Information for our customers, suppliers and business partners

Dear customers, suppliers and business partners,

The increasing spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns us every day. We closely follow current developments and continuously work to find ways to help prevent further spreading of the disease. So far, there has been a special focus on protecting our employees – this included special hygiene regulations and distance requirements. These and other measures are now increasingly affecting business contact with you, our business partner. We would therefore like to inform you about how we act towards our partners, customers and suppliers during this time.

General cooperation

Don’t worry, we will fulfill our obligations towards you. This is done in close coordination with our partners and in consideration of their own protective measures to help prevent the spread of the corona virus.

Our delivery performance

We have a well-stocked warehouse at our location for both our own production and your spare parts supply. Therefore our delivery performance will not be impacted.

External contacts and customer visits

In close coordination with our employees, we have severely restricted external personal contacts. So far we did not notice any impairments thanks to our partners, who have also adjusted to the situation and reacted in a similar way. All deliveries take place as usual. In the case of a temporary business shutdown, the “Kröger-Service” you are used to will be still available.

Changed accessibility

We can also be reached via digital channels. We handle meetings by phone or email. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the known e-mail addresses or telephone numbers in order to coordinate everything. You will still be able to reach your known contact person.

In this crisis, let us stick together and find solutions together. As a company, we are currently not affected by the spread of the virus – neither through the infection of an employee, nor in economic terms. Despite the state of emergency, our business is running as usual. We therefore will continue to act with the necessary calm and prudence and will continue to do so in the future.

Stay healthy!