3 Possibilities


Express repair service

A classic example: If a customer reports that the grab jaws are distorted, the grab is immediately straightened on site or it is picked up by KRÖGER and repaired in the factory.

It does not matter whether it is a KRÖGER grab or a third-party product. Flexibility and speed are the trademarks of the express repair service of the market leader. In this way, longer downtimes are avoided.


Factory function repair

Grabs are often exposed to extremely high loads in harsh everyday operation. For this reason, a factory repair should be carried out – before major damage or even the complete grab failure occurs.

Customers benefit from the great experience of KRÖGER’s specialists, who not only look after the company’s own products, but also third-party products. The grab is completed disassembled when a factory function repair is carried out. This also enables hidden damage to be found. Damaged plates and components are replaced.

If the parts are in stock, the work can be completed very quickly. Repairs are also carried out to ensure that any downtime is largely avoided. In this way, the risk of a replacement grab failing also is reduced.


Basic overhaul: preventive repair with renewable guarante

A refurbished grab is still less expensive than a new one – even though the work involved goes far beyond what a factory function repair would entail. As part of a basic overhaul, for example, grab jaws can be completely replaced.

Customers are on the safe side with Kröger, benefiting from a guarantee on all new parts. In practice, this means that the guarantee comes close to the warranty for a new grab, if a claim is submitted. A basic overhaul is more than just a classic repair. All parts of a grab are subjected to close scrutiny. For customers, therefore, it is worth carrying out preventive maintenance, so that a decision can be made on whether a basic overhaul should be carried out as part of the ongoing process, or if a factory function repair is sufficient to meet their needs.

A basic overhaul is, of course, more cost-intensive – but it pays off and is still interesting if the costs amount to more than 50 percent of the price of a new grab, since a refurbished grab comes close to the benefits offered by a new one. Guaranteed.

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