Type UWS – Gravel and sand extraction

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Type UWS – Gravel and sand extraction


Underwater gravel and sand extraction using floating dredgers and cable dredgers, of 2 or 4-cable design. Suitable for operation in all river and sea dredging areas for the harshest bed conditions, for dredging depths of more than 100 m.

Technical design

  • ZERO maintenance to protect the environment and for improved productivity
  • Design with 5 and 7-fold cable reeving arrangement in all sizes
  • Improved performance thanks to larger volume
  • designed for favourable weight and optimum digging characteristics
  • Closing cable entry point at the top of the grab with KRÖGER cable guide sheave system in star arrangement of ZERO-maintenance design
  • that is kind to the cable
    fixed rod control on one side at the top of the grab
  • ZERO-maintenance KRÖGER cable sheave system
  • Grab jaws made of hard-wearing fine grained structural steel
  • Grab hinge bearings fitted with the ZERO-maintenance KRÖGER bearing system
  • replaceable teeth that can be adapted to the ground conditions

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