Type MZG EBS Motor clamshell grapple for alternative fuels

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Type MZG EBS Motor clamshell grapple for alternative fuels


Especially suitable for incinerators of alternative fuel such as wood chips, shredded plastics or tyres, paper and cardboard shreds, pellets and/or fluff. Application mainly in cement, paper and industrial power plants (high calorific fraction).

Technical design and special features:

  • Optimum utilisation of the crane load bearing capacity through a weight saving design with the greatest possible content
  • Both motor grapples (MZG and MMGM) suitable for fully automatic operation by means of installing sensors
  • MZG ideal for structurally cramped situations and tight space conditions
  • Weight saving design to achieve high payload
  • Sizes and dimensions as well as hook suspension possible on an individual basis according to customer specifications
  • Further product advantages: see type MZG
  • Port and type MMGM (under “Products / Motor grapples”)

Grapple drive:

  • Vertical arrangement of the electro-hydraulic drive unit with high pressure pump
  • Turn control or valve control

Storage of the grapple joints:

KRÖGER storage system in low maintenance or MAINTENANCE-FREE design

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