Type STLB – port handling

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Type STLB – port handling


Handling of all types of bulk loads in seaports, inland harbours and storage yards. Ship-to-ship, ship-to-store/railway wagon/silo handling. For a wide variety of crane installations with inside or outside-running holding ropes.

Technical design

  • low or ZERO maintenance to protect the environment and for improved productivity
  • transverse or longitudinal suspension arrangements with 3, 4 and 5-fold reeving; as 2 and 4-cable grabs
  • high grab capacity thanks to weight-optimised design
  • calm grab operating characteristics due to low centre of gravity and good match between cable and sheave diameters
  • recessed jaw pivot points to avoid any problems when operating below the ship’s gang board
  • large scrape surface to grab any remaining load
  • Closing cable design:
    • Cable guides
    • KRÖGER cable guide sheave system of ZERO-maintenance design with friction bearings that is kind to the cable
  • lower cable sheave block mounted free on the crossbeam
  • Cable sheave bearing:
    • Sliding bearing
    • KRÖGER cable sheave system of ZERO-maintenance design
  • Grab jaws:
    • Material: S355J2+N
  • Grab hinge bearings:
    • Steel-bush bearing
    • KRÖGER bearing system of low or ZERO-maintenance design

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